Thursday, 6 June 2013

This is War

At the 2013 Road to the Horse, the winner and poet, Guy McLean delivered a poem about the relationship between a horse and a human.  It gave words to how a horse feels when they meet a human for the first time and what the human must do to win the horse over as a partner in the battle of life.  This is the poem.


'This is War'

Man and horse have many differences
Yet they're drawn like moths to light
Once as two, then two as one
Such a wonder to delight

Many firsts have to occur
Before these gifts are given
That first encounter, something special
Where the horse is instinct driven

To gaze into their eye, first time
Is something to explore
There's fear and thoughts of doubt
Their look is saying, 'This is War'

'I will run till I am free
I will plunge and strive and fight
To give to pressure is to die
So I will struggle for my plight

You do not understand me
How my natural instincts burn
You want my trust, want my respect?
These won't be given, must be earned'

As a Horseman, it's my mission
To alleviate their fears
To prove I understand them
From my craft of many years

So I teach them what is needed
To keep them calm and safe
Show them all I know of this scary world
Show them how a champion behaves

And as these sessions grow and roll
I see a difference from before
For now within their eyes
They still are saying 'This is War'

'I see you different now before me
You have earned my true respect
I feel as though you have my back
So my actions now reflect

You have shown me I can trust you
Now a partnership's unfurled
I will follow you to battle
You and I against the world

For I see you as a leader now
Worthy of my follow
Today we'll share the sunset
And live to fight one more tomorrow'

Once as two, now two as one
Our mate ship shining like the sun
Let the war of life begin
For now together, We can Win.

Written by Guy McLean for all the horses of the world and especially his new World Champ 'My Mates Cat'