Wednesday, 21 December 2011


This is the first element of this blog.  There will be at least two other components to follow.  The information contained is not original it has been compiled from a number of other sources.  Whereever possible I will give credit to the original authors.  I also want  everyone to know that I was inspired to start this blog by Anna Mae Gold and her blog on Empowerment.  I will do eveything I can to support the concepts she is putting forward.


In order to pursue a concept or a theory in an field  you need  a values foundation to build on.  For me there are three pillars in this foundation ;  Belief , Committment and Dedication.

As it applies to what is termed `natural horsemanship` I believe in fundamental principles , inclulding:

  • pressure motivates, release teaches
  • be as gentle as possible and as firms as necessay
  • reward the slightest try¸
  • make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult
  • defend your space
  • horses are prey animals, we are are predators
  • leadership is estalished by controlling the movement of the feet.
  • the horses primary defence is flight
  • a horses memory is second only to that of an elephant.
  • a horse learns faster than any other domestic animal
  • horses communicate primarily through body language.
  • horses have the fastest reflexes of any domestic animal
  • horses naturally push/pull against pressure

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Anna Mae Gold said...

Oh boy! I feel honored!!! Wow! Thank you Lyle!

I'm very much looking forward to your thoughts and discoveries. Thank you for bringing this into the world!

Anna Mae Gold