Friday, 10 February 2012

Fallen Partners

This short segment was prompted by the news that Stacy Wesfall`s horse Roxy died two days ago.

It has been a tough few months for clinicians and horse owners Stacy, Linda and owner Greg Gessner(Roxy`s owner).  Two wonderful partnerships ended and what we have left are memories.  What spectacular memories they are.

Anyone who has lost a special animal in their life knows how much it hurts.  Natural horsemanship gives us the means to communicate with horses.  Once you establish a conversation with a horse there is a connection established that becomes a very strong and meaningful part of our lives and the life of the horse.  When we lose them we lose a part of our lives and we need to acknowledge the loss.

Because we cared about them their loss hurts and tears are okay.  Because we loved and respected them we should grieve for them.  Because they gave us so much and were so loyal to us,  it is most important, that we HONOUR our fallen partner by paying forward what they gave to us, what we learned from and with them and that we enrich our lives with their strength.

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