Friday, 23 March 2012

Opinions and Open Minds

In the horse world there is no shortage of opinions.  This is normal. People have opinions on just about every topic.  There seems, however, to be a fairly strong tendency to have nearly fixed opinions which virtually discourage discussion of the opinions of others in the field of natural horsemanship.

I have noticed that almost all natural horsemanship clinicians state very clearly that their methods are one way to work with horses and are not the only methods.  They also state that there is no RIGHT or WRONG  method, there are only DIFFERENT methods.  There is so much to be gained  from this view of horsemanship and any other topic for the matter.  It seems there is an advantage to having an open mind, a respect for the opinions of others and a willingness to explore the differences.

This applies to a whole range of issues related to horses including training equipment, tack, tools, riding disciplines, hoof care, etc.  I try to take advantage of all of the information that is available and choose to use the things that may help me and my horse.  For me it is important to keep an open mind to all ideas.  I do not reject an idea just because it is different from mine and what I am doing now.

Everyone has a right to their opinion but they also have a responsibility to respect the opinions of others.

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