Sunday, 15 July 2012


If you have a horse there is a very good chance that at some time you will deal with lameness.  I have had three horses and two of them have been lame during the last 8 years.  The lameness was caused by two completely different things.

Not all veterinarians have an in depth knowledge of horses.  In my case the vet who came to deal with my horse could not identify which leg was affected.  As a result the treatment given was not effective and it was necessary to contact another veterinarian with a specialty in horses.  The second vet quickly diagnosed the problem as an abscess and treated it quickly and effectively and the horse was fine in two weeks.  At the time I had very little knowledge about horses in general and knew nothing of lameness, its causes and treatments.  I am sure I am not the only one who has had an experience like this.

Dr. Robert M. Miller has published a DVD, “Lameness: Its Causes and Prevention”.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who has horses.  It will provide you with information about what factors can cause lameness so you can take appropriate actions to avoid you and your horse from experiencing the problem.  If and when your horse becomes lame it will give you some very important information about what you may be dealing with and the treatment options that may be available.

You can get Dr. Miller`s DVD by going to his website,

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