Saturday, 23 February 2013

Road to the Horse 2013

It is just a couple of weeks to the 10th annual Road to the Horse Competition in Lexington, Kentucky.


This year promises to be a landmark event with two female clinicians competing.  This will double the number of female competitors (Stacy Westfall appeared in 2006(winner) and 2007).  Obbie Schlom and Sarah Winters will compete against the two down under fellas Guy McLean and Dan James.


Tootie Bland and her crew have done a great service for all horse lovers by establishing this event that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Kentucky.  Thanks to the DVD`s they have produced I have watched every event several times.  I learn something new every time from all of the clinicians who have competed and shared their knowledge and skills of horsemanship.  The outstanding judges, who have also given their views of the qualities of horsemanship they look for, provide horse people great insight to the horse.  Together they have all given a wealth of information for horse people all over the world.  They have improved the lives of millions of horses.


I urge you to go to the event if you can.  If that is not possible get the DVD package.  Especially support the clinicians.  Go to their clinics and take advantage of the information they publish.  Soak in the knowledge they share. 


All of the information about the event is available at .


Congratulations Tootie Bland and all of the crew from Road to the Horse for these ten years of excellence.

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