Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My 4 P's

By: Guest Author - Amanda Bears  (Amanda is 23 and has been training and teaching others for about 9 years.  She owns 2 horses, but she has had her hands on 150 horses so far.)


I have been working; training and learning from the horse, and helping others understand the horse for going on 9 years now. I have read, heard, and seen a lot from others on how the horse to human relationship should be. Through my journey with the horse I have arrived at my own set of principles that I live by and apply to everything I do weather they are applied to the horse or the human to human.

They are simple and are the basis for life and reason:

·       Passion

·       Patience

·       Persistence

·       Purpose

The 4 P's as I call them, can be applied to everyday life, from relationships, jobs and even dreams.

·       Passion is needed in your life to enjoy it.  Passion for your religion, work, loved ones, friends, neighbours, animals, and even you enemies.

·       Patience is key! We need patience to keep our sanity.  As the old saying "Good things come to those that wait"

·       Persistence is determination.  If you work hard enough at something it will turn for the better.

·       Purpose is the reason for being.  We all need to feel as if we have a purpose.  Setting goals and standards gives meaning to our life.

They all tie into each other and you cannot have one without the others. The 4 P's can be applied to any aspect of our existence not just with the horse and when you dig down to the core of everything we do the 4 P's are there.

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