Friday, 8 January 2016

Making Adjustments

Clinicians each have their own methods for developing communication, trust and respect with horses which ultimately leads to a desired partnership and a required performance level.   These methods are probably best demonstrated in the starting process.

Like humans, horses are individuals with different temperaments, characteristics and quirks so it is unlikely that any one consistent method will work with every horse.  It is reasonable to expect then that clinicians make adjustments to their methods to adapt to the needs of the horse they are working with.

In the 2015 Road to the Horse Competition three skilled clinicians were each challenged to start two three year old untouched colts.  This gives students of the horse an exceptional opportunity to observe how different horses respond or react to a variety of training techniques.  It  also shows how the clinicians adapt their methods to respond to the needs of the different horses.

The great advantage of DVD programs is that you can review segments to observe all of the subtle differences in the behaviour of the horses and you can see how the horseman adjust his methods to meet the needs of the horse.   As in all real time events the adjustments of the horseman are not always successful and they must make adjustments on the fly.  

For me this program is an absolute treasure of information that I could not possibly obtain any other way.  Without a doubt this is probably the best program Road to the Horse has presented and I have watched every one of them many times.

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