Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dr. Robert M. Miller

Part of the purpose of this blog is to bring sources of information  about horses to you.  This segment is about one of the leading authorities on horse behaviour and the resources he has produced to help people communicate with and understand horses.

Doctor Miller is an internationally recognized expert on  horse behaviour.  He practiced veterinary medicine in California until 1987.  Since then he has devoted his time to teaching about horse behaviour and the revolution in horsemanship.  He has published books and DVD`s on  horse behaviour and horsemanship.  He is  known for his system of training newborn foals, imprint training, which, if done correctly, is the fastest method of shaping a horse's responses.

The book, The Revolution in Horsemanship, which he co-authoured with Rick Lamb is an excellent source of  information about the history of  horsemanship.  It will give you a lot of information  about  the background of what is known  as “natural horsemanship”.  It also provides the readers with lots of ideas and avenues to pursue in the study of   horses and horsemanship.

His book,  Natural Horsemanship Explained,  gives the detailed scientific reasons why the principles of natural horsemanship work as they do.  It goes into detail about the way horses  behave and how they see humans and  their environment.

I would also recommend the following DVD`s:

·         Understanding Horses

·         Safer Horsemanship

·         Influencing the Horses Mind

·         Control of the Horse

If there was only one DVD I could have it would be “Understanding Horses”.  I wish I had viewed this information the day we started working with our horse.  It provides you with essential fundamental knowledge about why horses do what they do and fundamental methods for handling horses.

I would urge you  to visit Dr. Miller`s website  to see all of the resources available. 

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