Monday, 16 January 2012

Why Colt Starting?

Most clinicians offer a program on COLT STARTING.  Because we had horses that were between 6 and 10 years old, who had  been  ridden,  we didn`t feel any need for these programs.  Because these programs were offered in package deals we acquired a few and started  to look at them.  We found a lot of  information  that  was very useful  when  introducing  natural techniques to experienced  horses  who had been  traditionally trained.

If you are just starting to use natural methods or even if you  are already using  these methods but haven`t looked at colt starting techniques,  I would strongly suggest that you take a look at them.  These  programs give you a window into the world of natural horsemanship that has no dirt on it.  The characteristics of the horse are unaltered and the clinician  is dealing with a clean slate.  You will see an exagerated  version  of the steps you will need to take with your horse.   Believe me,  you will see things that you have never thought about before.  It is thinking outside the box of all boxes.

To really take advantage of this new avenue into the world of natural horsemanship take a look at the colt starting competitions.  They are held all over North America.  The best of them all, in my opinion, is ROAD TO THE HORSE.  This will be their ninth year of competition.  This event specializes in the area of NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP.  It features the best clinicians in the world, starting some of the finest, well bred colts most of us will ever have the opportunity of seeing.  The event is published on  dvd sets that are the best  educational tools you can ever own.  Tootie Bland and her husband Stephen started this event,   Rick Lamb the official host,  and  the judges are all outstanding experts in the field of  natural horsemanship.  If  you  spend the time watching these event dvds you will learn more so much about the nature of the horse human connection it will change the life you have with your horse beyond anything you can  imagine.

Colt starting is something every horse lover should know about even if you  never own a colt.  ROAD TO THE HORSE  is an event that every person interested  in the natural methods of horse training should take advantage of.

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Vincent Taylor said...

Since Horses are prey animals, their instinct is to flight or fight, colt starting is needed. This is where we get hurt, so the idea is to get all of that out so that you can come up with the best performance horses.